What to bring

Weather in May in norther Italy can be unpredictable but generally in the late spring the days are mild and sunny with occasional evening showers. We will be outdoors a lot of the time so a sun hat and an umbrella are a good idea with a jacket or coat for the milder evenings. We’ll do a bit of walking and there’s no shortage of cobblestone streets so comfortable shoes are important.

As for your sketching kit, Liz has a comprehensive guide which we will email to all the participants well before the date. But the principle is that whatever you’re comfortable with as your preferred medium; pen, pencil, watercolour, crayon, sketch pad or book – that is what you should bring. If however you want to explore new possibilities then Liz’s comprehensive list and her web site will provide excellent guides. Finally a folding stool or mat is a good idea  – those cobbles get pretty hard when you’re sitting on them for an hour or more.